Who is the Friendly Neighbourhood Feminist?

The Friendly Neighbourhood Feminist, Shawna Marks, is a PhD candidate writing, researching, teaching and speaking about feminism, men’s violence against women, masculinity, sport, sex and popular culture. Shawna is currently completing a doctorate on the social construction of masculinity and heterosexuality in amateur Australian football.

You can also find me here:

Academia.edu / Twitter / InstagramLinkedIn / Google Scholar /  ResearchGate / Medium

Recent academic publications:

Marks, Shawna. (2019) “Cinderella at the (Foot)ball: Wives and girlfriends in Australian rules football awards”, Continuum, 33(4).

Marks, Shawna. (2018). “‘Bros Before Hoes’: Violence against women in the name of ‘bromosociality’.” In Bonds of Brotherhood in Sons of Anarchy: Essays on Masculinity in the FX Series, eds. Susan Fanetti, 9-23. Jefferson: McFarland.

Marks, Shawna. (2018). “Explaining ‘Stealthing’ and the Conversation About Rape That We Need to Have” Writing From Below, 3(2): online.

Walker, Amelia, Wisdom, Travis, Marks, Shawna, Pearce, Sarah, & Challans, Bianca. (2018). “To Speak and/as Connect – Beyond the Silencing of Violence, and the Violence that is Silence.” Writing From Below, 3(2): online.

Recent talks:

Marks, Shawna. (2018). “Navigating Emotional Wellbeing in a PhD Project on Sexual Violence.” Queer Legacies, New Solidarities, Melbourne, Australia.

Marks, Shawna. (2018). “How not to manage emotional wellbeing of novice researchers in PhD projects on sexual violence.” Precarity, Rights and Resistance, Melbourne, Australia.

Marks, Shawna. (2018). “How not to manage emotional wellbeing of novice researchers in PhD projects on sexual violence.” Space and Place: Conceptions of movement, belonging and boundaries, Adelaide, Australia.

Marks, Shawna. (2017). “Explaining ‘Stealthing’ and the conversation about rape that we need to have.” Art(i)culations of Violence: Gender, sex, sexuality and the politics of injury and revivification, Adelaide, Australia.

Marks, Shawna. (2016). “Consent & Sexual Ethics: Theory in practice.” Engaging with a Shift to the Empirical in Feminist Scholarship, Sydney, Australia.

Marks, Shawna. (2016). “Fatherhood from Noun to Verb: (trans)forming the reluctant father in children’s animated film, 2000-2016.” The Future of Fatherhood: What’s next in fathering practice and research? Wollongong, Australia.

Marks, Shawna. (2016). “Breaking the “Code of Silence”: Responses to a young female researcher infiltrating male-dominated sporting cultures.” De/storying the Joint, Brisbane, Australia.

Upcoming academic publications:

Browne, Josephine & Marks, Shawna. “Revolution or Restatement? Considering the masculinities of father figures in children’s animated film, 2000-2016.” Men & Masculinities, under review.

Recent media coverage: 

Sutton, Malcolm. (20/10/2018). “Flinders University academics face job uncertainty, union forces halt to restructure.” ABC Radio Adelaide.

Cannell, Chloe. (03/10/2018). “Safe Space for Researchers.” Empire Times, 7 pp. 8-9.

Smith, Matt. (11/06/2017). “Suburban football’s role in teaching men respect towards women.” The Advertiser

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